Thursday, March 29, 2007

More socks!

SSS.... What to start next? From left Lisa Souza pattern made with Apple Laine yarn (this one's actually finished), STR in Fairground (Madder Socks), STR Rocktober (Madder Socks- too small!), and Opal Solid (Embossed Leaves). I'm thinking about starting on Hedera Socks using Sundara Yarn. Yeah I should do that. For some reason after finishing the first sock I always get the urge to start a different project- I get bored with the colors too easily. Plus with all the goodies I've been getting in the mail I just can't resist.

This pair is for my mom for Easter. Nurses like colorful scrubs so I have no idea what she'll get to match this one! Shes' always happy to receive a pair almost every month! Can't complain though, knitters like grateful recipients!

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Emma said...

Lots of beautiful finished pairs there. Lovely!